We are a full-service outdoor wood deck restoration and
maintenance service. We provide you with an experienced staff
of pros who will clean, repair, re-stain, varnish, seal, waterproof
and preserve your outdoor wood deck,
so you don't have to!
We also install Composite Decking!
Preservation and maintenance for a
deck solid future.
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Our wood deck preservation process, using Cabot Australian
insures you won't need subsequent maintenance procedures
performed for an additional 3-4 more years, eliminating annual
maintenance costs of up to $800/year.
Cabot Australian Timber Oil® is a unique blend of oils originally
formulated to protect popular dense woods in Australia such as
tallowwood, cambara and merbau from the extreme exposures.
Now this technology is available in the United States as a
proven translucent oil treatment for pressure-treated wood, fir,
cypress, redwood, cedar, pine, and other premium exotic
hardwood surfaces for decks and outdoor furniture.
Cabot’s delivers 3-way oil protection for maximum durability
and water repelliency, that penetrates deep into dense
hardwoods to accentuate natural wood depth and patina, using
iron-oxide pigments to ensure long lasting UV protection.
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